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Areas of Expertise

Core identity issues

Identity issues can develop for a variety of reasons like bi-racial heritage, multiple citizenships, being raised in a different culture from the one in which you reside, being adopted, being in an interfaith family, or just managing daily living as a racial/gender/sexual/religious minority. I will help you embrace your intersectional identities fully, learn to assert them in a way that's true to yourself and navigate difficult situations around them.

Chronic Pain

Living a life with chronic pain is incredibly difficult. Clients in this track will work through identifying and accepting their functional needs and limitations, communicating effectively around medical needs and learn how to navigate the burdens associated with diagnoses.


Relationships are hard. I'm here to help you communicate. I work with all sorts of couples, especially LGBTQ+ couples, Poly couples and interfaith couples. 

My Approach

I believe that you are the expert on you. I view therapy as a partnership in which you bring your life experience and goals and I bring data driven techniques to help you develop the life you long for. I am direct, warm, compassionate and practical offering a combination of heady existential therapy with concrete CBT techniques to help you achieve life-long growth. 

I am an Oxford educated psychotherapist who draws from research and the most up-to-date practices to bring you the most informed brand of therapy.

I also bring my own experiences into the session. I am a bi-racial, bi-cultural therapist who draws from personal experience to help clients embrace their identities fully and heal from wounds around discrimination, confusion and conflict. I work especially with Latiné, Jewish, queer and/or disabled individuals to navigate the obstacles unique to these lived experiences.  

My Approach
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